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Stress is something we all complain about yet a definition of it alludes us.  There innumerable definitions around, but one of the most useful is: "Stress is any change to which you must adjust".

Most of us think of stressful situations as being negative: illness, death of a friend or loved one, being fired from your job, flunking out of school, divorce and so on.  But situations commonly thought of as positive produce stress as well: moving to a new home, getting a promotion, going away to college, getting married.

Stress comes from external and internal sources.  It may come from the environment, or from the body and/or the thoughts and emotions.

Listening Instructions:

  • DO NOT Listen to any hypnosis CD or MP3 while you are driving, operating machinery or while performing any task which require your attention.
  • Listen to the CD or MP3 every day for 30 days.
  • When purchasing more than 1 audio CD or MP3, listen to the first one for at least 21 days before you add the second one. Continue to finish the first one for the 21 days.

It takes 21 days to learn a new habit and 90 days to make it permanent. If you want permanent results, you must be consistent.

Track Information:

Track 1: Contains the Listening Instructions.
Track 2: Awaken after the session
Track 3: Sleep after the session (You will be prompted to turn off your listening device and drift off into a deep sleep.

Free with your purchase: MP3 "Protective Shield, Feeling Safe Within".

When you enter this deep state of relaxation, the sub-conscious mind can learn to change its fear responses to a feeling of calm and safe, allowing you to enjoy every day with less anxiety and more comfort.

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About playing your hypnosis tracks on your portable device:

Loading music onto a portable device is relatively easy. However, the process varies amongst different device models. Most just require you to drag and drop your files onto a designated folder. Others such as Apple and Zune devices will require you to first add your tracks to the device’s library on your computer and then sync your device to it. Please refer to your device manufacturer’s instructions for specific steps.